Humanism Grand Rounds

Richard T. Sarkin Humanism Grand Rounds

Richard Sarkin


2015: Humanism, Empathy, and Autism
Speakers: Stephen Commins, MD – Attending Physician, Children’s Medical Services, State of Florida
Originally Aired: 10/2/2015


2014 Sarkin Memorial Lecture
Speaker: FB Stapleton, MD
Originally Aired: 10/17/2014 – View Presentation PDF


2012: Balancing Teaching and Learning – Shouldn’t Teachers and Learners be More Collaborative?
Speaker: Larrie Greenberg, MD – Clinical Professor, Pediatrics; Internal consultant, faculty development; George Washington University School of Medicine, Potomac, MD
Originally Aired: 10/19/2012 – View Presentation PDF


2011: Humanism and Professionalism – Hitting the Target but Missing the Mark
Speaker: Kenneth Roberts, MD – Professor of Pediatrics Emeritus, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill
Originally Aired: 10/14/2011


2010: Thoughts on Humanistic Pediatric Leadership – Some ‘First’ Impressions After 16 Fun-filled Years as a Pediatric Department Chair
Speaker: Lewis R. First, MD; Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics; Editor-in-Chief, Pediatrics; University of Vermont College of Medicine; Chief of Pediatrics Vermont Children”s Hospital at Fletcher Allen Health Care; Burlington, Vermont
Originally Aired: 10/15/2010


2009: John Milton, Spike Lee, and the Practice of Medicine
Speaker: William V. Raszka, MD; Professor of Pediatrics, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, VT
Originally Aired: 10/16/2009 – View Presentation PDF


2008: Can We Teach Compassion? A Tribute to Dr. Richard Sarkin
Speaker: Joseph F. O”Donnell, M.D; Professor of Medicine and of Psychiatry, Senior Advising Dean and Director of Community Programs; Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH
Originally Aired: 10/10/2008 – View Presentation PDF


2007: How Do I Know I am Teaching Effectively?
Speakers: Larrie Greenberg, MD; Director, Creative Medical Education, Potomac, MD
Originally Aired: 10/19/2007 – View Presentation PDF